Used Casino Shuffling Methods

The Most Frequently Used Casino Shuffling Methods

If you are reading this article, it means that you participate in w88 games of chance in some events or, at least, you are interested. In any case, we would like you to read the information below, and we hope it will help you better understand some of the problems with the game. 

Casino distributors

Even if you have never been to any casino, you are sure there are distributors there. In fact, a land-based online casino cannot do without employees who help visitors solve various organizational problems and manage games for players. It is no secret that the first thing that casino dealers must learn is a professional deck of cards. First of all, this process is very important for fair play in a casino, since a good combination of cards guarantees a correct scrambling, which is an important factor for fair play.

Shuffling methods

There are many different methods of mixing that can be used by a casino dealer. Some of them are fairly easy to learn and provide a less effective randomization of the deck, while others are quite difficult to perform, but more effective in providing a fair game. However, the principle “the harder it is to shuffle, the better the game” is not true at all. Let’s look at the most common methods of shuffling among players. 


This is one of the easiest ways to mix cards. Any card player can easily learn this and even play with friends. All you have to do is take out the cards with the right thumb. First, place your thumb on the back of the platform, and your little fingers, without ring and media will be on the front of this platform. The deck of cards is in the right hand, and now you have to take the cards out of the deck with the right thumb with the right hand.

Used Casino Shuffling Methods

Riffle Shuffle

The casino distributors divide the deck into approximately equal parts. Take a piece of the platform with your right hand: the thumb is on the upper edge of the platform, and the middle, ring and little finger are on the bottom edge, and your index finger should be resting against the back of the platform so you can push the platform. Do the same with the piece of the left hand. Then put your hands together (your thumbs should barely touch) and mix the cards together. The latter means that you have to compress the two parts of the cover together. Repeat this procedure, but add more pressure at the moment when the upper half divides into a platform. Then release it, and you will get a waterfall effect.


The only thing that every player always wants during a game is an honest game. Given the card games, we can determine the key to fair play without any doubt. This is a good randomization. The best randomization is usually provided by combined mixing methods: as a rule, this is the method of mixing of corkscrew + strips. In addition, today’s casinos often have special shufflers that use a random number generator and guarantee fair play.