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Football is a marvellous sport. A sport that unites the world despite its many differences. It is more of a universally understood language which helps in communicating, than it is a beautifully orchestrated game of people playing. It only makes sense that everyone gets to enjoy this sport. And there are plenty of ways to do this. One might actually play the sport to enjoy or experience it, others might watch it, and some might even be the most furiating fans of a particular team. However, financially profiting off of your team’s wins is the most newly found passion amongst old football enthusiast. While almost everyone can bet on ดูบอลได้ฟรี, not everyone has the right knowledge, information, skill, or platform to earn some money by supporting their favorite team on and off the pitch. Nonetheless, here are some common betting types.

Types of betting 

  • Full-time – This is probably the most widely known and opted for betting types which is used by millions during every game. From the largest football matchup of the night to the most local match that is happening in the entire world, everything is covered in here. Results of the bet, however, are determined when you call-out the result of the match at the end of the regulation period. For example, if you’ve bet on a team to win by a score of 2-1, and if the score after the match is over is 2-1, then you’re entitled to the interests given on top of your bet money.

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  • 1X2 – Another common form of betting which is extensively used by newcomers to the betting world. The ‘1’ here represents the Home team, ‘X’ represents a draw, and ‘2’ represents the Away team. Using them to bet usually means you’re betting on a particular result, like “Team A is winning”. If you’re not sure, you can always choose the ‘X’ with your bet to demonstrate that the match might end in a draw.
  • Asian Handicap – Now this form of betting has recently exploded in the past few years to come close to the other two forms of betting which are explained. What this really means is that the entire match result will be considered but goal scoring odds will be taken into account. For example, if Team A has the odds of (-1.5) and Team B has odds of (+1.5), then it simply means than Team A has to win the match clean and square for you to win your multiplied money back, and if you’ve bet on Team B, then it has to either win the match or end it in a draw for you to earn your money.

While some of these forms might sound confusing, the higher the risk factor, the more the earnings are expected to be.